Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January 6th - 2 Week Training Schedule

I've got my next two weeks of training planned out and here it is:

January 6th - 20 minutes interval training (30 seconds mile pace/30 seconds half-marathon pace)
January 7th - Strength Training
January 8th - Rest

January 9th - 6 miles easy (10-11 minute pace)
January 10th - Strength Training
January 11th - 45 minute jog (8-9 minute pace)
January 12th - Strength Training
January 13th - 25 minutes interval training
January 14th - Strength Training
January 15th - Magic Mile!

January 16th - Rest
January 17th - Strength Training
January 18th - 45 minute jog (8-9 minute pace)

I did the interval training and it was really hard to keep the pace straight. Interval training is used to teach your body to run fast, so in this particular routine, you're constantly speeding up and then slowing down.

My first go was difficult because I'm still not great at figuring out what a 6 minute mile vs a 7 minute mile feels like. I pretty much have 3 gears - fast, slow, and really slow. My mile pace feels fast, but if a 7 minute mile is around my half marathon pace and that feels "kinda fast." Hopefully next week works out a little better.

Current Weight: 164.4
Current Body Fat Percentage: 18%
Best Mile Time: 6:18
Best 5K Time: 20:43 (6:38 pace)
Best 5 Mile Time: 34:58 (6:59 pace)
Best 10 Mile Time:
Best Half-Marathon Time:
Best Marathon Time:

Goal Weight: 154
Goal Body Fat Percentage: 12%
Goal Mile Time: 5:30
Goal 5K Time: 19:30 (6:17 pace)
Goal 5 Mile Time: 32:15 (6:27 pace)
Goal 10 Mile Time: 1 hr 7 min (6:49 pace)
Goal Half-Marathon Time: 1 hr 29 min (6:49 pace)
Goal Marathon Time: 3 hrs 8 min (7:10 pace)

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